26 Feb In this tutorial we will usean Adabas can download free Community Editions of both Natural and Adabas from thedownload. Contribute to SoftwareAG/adabas-natural-education-package development by This tutorial only serves the purpose of introducing the concept of Adabas and. ADABAS, a contraction of “adaptable database system”, is a database package that was developed by Software AG to run on IBM mainframes. Launched in.

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When I was preparing to start my job as a junior mainframe developer, I encountered the problem of a small amount of knowledge sources in this adqbas, particularly available for free online.

Mainframe programming — NATURAL/ADABAS tutorial. Intro — a few words of introduction

There are also other possibilities. Within the lines, the instructions statements or program commands are free, with no instructions or positional parameters.

I guess it is enough for now. Its first hutorial appeared inand by now it has over 80 installations in Europe and the United States. Feel free to follow my profile to be up-to-date! As you can guess, to program Mainframe machines we usually use languages specially adapted for this.

Mainframe programming — NATURAL/ADABAS tutorial. Intro — a few words of introduction

So the line below means, that we have a 1st level variable named NAME and it should be alphanumeric no longer than 20 characters. Systems based on Mainframes are still widely used, mainly by large organizations.


Mainframes in general are used when the reliability of the unit and high performance of the processor are key to business needs. I hope you like it and you will follow my tutorials in the future. Retrieved 12 February Currently, the largest manufacturer of mainframe is IBM, but we should keep in mind that this is not the only provider of this type of technology. Adabas is an acronym for A daptable Da ta Ba se S ystem [23] originally written in all caps, today only the initial cap is used for the product name.

InSoftware AG announced that Adabas and Natural would continue to be supported through the year and beyond. This is why I decided to start this tutorial for anyone who would like to know more about this interesting area of computer science, and also learn a little of NATURAL language, which is one of the programming languages used for Mainframe computers.

Adabas is an inverted list data base, with the following characteristics or terminology:.

In this first post I will give you some information about the mainframe computer as well as the language and database that we will use. If you see any errors in my articles, please let me know! The language is strongly-typedusing explicit typing of variables, which may be one of:.

More on this later in next parts of this tutorial! What do you think about this 4GL language? Tuotrial Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g.


Programming languages on the mainframe As you can guess, to program Mainframe machines we usually use languages specially adapted for this. Please note, that I am currently working as a junior mainframe developer, so I learn the secrets of the language myself.


In the next part of the tutorial we will learn about the syntax tutorual the language and write our first program. Well, there are many reasons. It waits for user to put something on the screen and then do something with it. Soon we will also start writing the first tutoriall and create our own databases. You can find everything you need there.

Mainframe programming — NATURAL/ADABAS tutorial. Part 1— setup process and “Hello World” code

Comments afabas be included in two ways:. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August You can find all the parts of adqbas tutorial in the links below: If you like the article and you believe there should be more articles about Mainframes please clap a bitleave a comment or share this link wherever you want.

Here you can see the variables definition at the beginning of the program. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.