The rules of Bananagrams are elegant and simple. If you have played Scrabble or Boggle, then Bananagrams is not a big deal and you’d love playing it too. Plentifun provides the rules of Bananagrams with. How to Play Bananagrams. Bananagrams is a fast-paced, competitive game with similarities to both Scrabble and Boggle. The game progresses without turns.

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The game starts with tiles. Not Helpful 3 Helpful If you have letters which seem pretty difficult to use, think more on them and try as quickly as possible to get rid of them.

How to Play Bananagrams – Instructions

Great Prank Call Ideas. Flip all of the tiles face down and puch them together into a bunch.

Players start flipping letters and creating words. Team Games for Kids. The Tough Gets Goin. Work in the new tiles. You don’t even need a pencil or paper.

Bananagrams Rules

Let each player choose their tiles if need be. Flip over the tiles and start making words in a crossword-style pattern one player at a time. About Contact Privacy Hosting Sitemap. Due to the fact that this game helps children boost their word power, it is a great addition to any school, church or summer program.


If you have less vowels or consonants, dumping is a good idea. This encourages each player to tack on a letter or two to other already-formed words, making for a more exciting board.

At this time all the players must draw another letter. That’s how you’ll learn more and get better at this game. You don’t need to leave spaces bananagdams the words as long as each connecting tile forms another word.

Bananagrams: The Rules – Toy Crossing

If the professed winner is found to have an illegal word then he or she is declared a “rotten banana” and their tiles are returned to the bunch and play continues with the rest of the players in the game. If it’s the opposite case, wherein you have more vowels than consonants, go for shorter words inculcating more vowels.

Tips While it is easier to think up smaller words, longer words provide more opportunities for building. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Help answer questions Learn more. Always focus on building longer bahanagrams, as they provide space and scope to build shorter connecting words. If you’d like, you can bananagramss it more competitive by keeping track of who had the longest words, who got rid of their tiles the fastest, or who helped out the board the most.


Featured Articles Word Games In other languages: All Rights Reserved All brand names and product names used on this website are trade names, service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners. And abbreviations almost count as cheating, as they’re too short. If you are only playing with people, feel free to increase the personal pile to 9. Like in Scrabble, you can challenge words, but there is no penalty for doing bznanagrams.

Magic Card Tricks for Kids. An influx of new tiles may stymie your opponents!

If a player draws a letter that seems impossible to place, then that player calls out “Dump!

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