“A moving act of absolution This strong novel about a girl who is debased but never destroyed pushes the reader to a new level of understanding of the. Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig. Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersová has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her famil. Rebecca Newman reviews Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig and War Story by Gwen Edelman.

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As the book drew to a close, I felt drained and sad for Hanka. Part 2 Chapter 6. She wonders continually at her desire to survive — Is this a sin?

I feel for the girls who had to use their bodies in order to survive. In the morning the guards exercised in the snow without shirts, just in trousers. This rabbi is a true saint.

Upon arriving at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Skinny’s younger brother, Ramon is sent to the gas chambers immediately. Jun 09, Vicki rated it it was amazing.

Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig – read review

How explicit is this book? At times there is graphic violence and the sex that Hanka has to endure day after day is stomach churning. They did not recognize frontiers, any more than the Germans did. This one is about a minor Jewish girl luustig is able to keep herself from a Concentration Camp, and be a part of a brothel that has been established for the service of the German officers and soldiers who are fighting the Soviet Union on the eastern front during their retreating days of WW II.

Ultimately it is a aarnost about survival.

When the family are sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, however, he and Skinny are separated and do not meet again until after the war.

High on the audacity of this strategy, Sarazin explains lustigg Skinny how his “Einsatzgruppen were uprooting the world where people were living in luxury at the expense of others. You read this novel breathlessly — you worry what will happen to Skinny at every turn.

He arranged for the clothes of the dead to be packed in crates. It was a good book. It seemed to me the perspective changed without warning and I had to go back just to make sure I hadn’t skipped something important. The doctor is immediately sent to the Eastern Front; Skinny, realising that “in the morning she would be going up in smoke”, manages to escape into an Aryan field-brothel.


Lovely Green Eyes: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Most of them are unremarkable and Skinny’s greatest concern is trying to remain healthy, despite minimal rations, freezing temperatures, and exposure to so much potential disease. Return to Qrnost Page. The logical conclusion of eugenics and racism.

The worst crime of the circumcised was their assertion that all men are equal. Providing a different side and perspective, on the lives of the ‘sisters’ living in a brothel, who served the German soldiers.

She has to service 12 or more German soldiers per day while grwen the brothel except when an officer claims her for a whole day.

There is also transcending hope. The Judges David Baddiel: We must never forget. Part 3 Chapter 9. More detail about their love and marriage would have been wonderful, but I am being greedy. In short order, her father commits suicide, and her mother and younger brother are dispatched to the gas chambers, but 15 year old Hanka Hreen is still alive. May 25, Dana Dinowitz rated it liked it. Would it have been better to die? Part 1 Chapter 1. The two of them, along with another friend, survive day to day after the war by going to shelters and soup kitchens and by describing to one another what they are feeling and srnost they are dealing with the horror grfen being survivors of mass extinction.

Part 2 Chapter 7. However, following the Soviet-led invasion that ended the Prague Spring inhe left the country, first to Israel, then Yugoslavia and later in to the United States. Her mother, father, and younger brother are sent to the gas chamber but skinny survives by claiming to be 18 and by chance being sent to an SS brothel behind the eastern yees where her Aryan looks allowed her to disguise the fact she was Jewish.

I said this was ridiculous victim blaming and nothing they could have done would have avoided the holocaust. I appreciated this grsen because it discussed two sides I’d not really read anything on before. She must now sleep with the very soldiers and men who are persecuting her people.


Lustig is known as an optimist and this optimism is one of the qualities that has distinguished him among writers of Holocaust literature. In making her choice to continue the fight to live, Skinny faces new horrors at the brothel and struggles with the inherent “wrong eyws rightness” of her decision. What will happen to Hanka in the morning when she is discovered as a witness to the doctor’s crime? None of the bodies remained still.

Arnost Lustig – Lovely Green Eyes

At first, it is sickening to think that this child performed sexual acts for 12 to 15 men each day, let alone the fact that they were “the enemy,” but to be honest, after a while, the names became a blur and I imagine that is how they became to Hanka. I had a hard time recognizing who was telling the story.

As a novel this is flawed, not least from a p. I will have to keep my eye out for it. This novel was simply told while still being moving. This was a pretty disturbing tale of a teenage Jewish girl who manages to escape death in the concentration camps due to her Aryan appearance but ends up in a brothel for German soldiers, having to ‘service’ 12 or more German soldiers every day.

Back in Prague, agonized by nightmarish memories, she settles in with a group of survivors and meets the narrator, whose declaration of love eventually thaws her heart. Discover what to read next.

Learning to speak again

The usage of “I” in the latter part of the novel was not Skinny or Adler or any of the German Nazi soldiers she’d encountered in the brothel.

The book itself isn’t bad, it’s just that it’s all over the place! Her story is dealt with sympathetically and despite the subject-matter is not graphic.