The Technical rule TRGS is based on the TRBS and BGR of the Technical Committee Chemistry of the German Social Accident Insurance. TRBS EPUB – We use cookies to enable the operation of this website. By using this website you agree to moreOK. DE | EN. START · CATALOGUE. TRBS EBOOK DOWNLOAD – We use cookies to enable the operation of this website. By using this website you agree to moreOK. DE | EN. START.

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In all categoriesthe standard specifies the use of electric conductive components and the connection and grounding of all electric conductive components as the most important protective measure to avoid electro-static charge build-up and the associated discharges capable of causing ignition. Dangerous or unpredictable behaviour caused by shock when this discharge takes place via the human body. In addition trbs the terminology, the equipment directive includes definitions on equipment, substance groups and zones in order tbs classify the various potential explosion endangered areas and situations.

Such products are designated in the header line by the following symbols for grounding capacity and electric conductivity: As part of trbs studies and reviews in collaboration with a specialized department for explosion protection, hoses of different types were categorized regarding the use in hazardous areas. The primary hazards are: Find your way to a press release without typing.

Vacuum cleaners or de-dusting equipment should also include conductive or dissipative hoses or anti-static see TRBS 5. Our products have proven their worth in application in this regard for a number of reasons: QR stands for Quick Response – with one step you can quickly reach a website. Zone 0 electrically conductive hoses such as: Furthermore, with the aid of case studies, the TRBS defines the use of hoses for the transport of inflammable 2513 non-inflammable bulk solids see Register 6.


Furthermore, the equipment directive basically divides the potentially explosive areas into the following zones:.


The different categories are required to take appropriate precautions for the prevention of explosions. Such products are designated in the header line by the following symbols for grounding trgs and electric conductivity: When dealing with bulk solids the TRBS firstly recommends the evaluation of susceptibility to ignition of the particular trvs solid using the minimum ignition energy MIE.

Here you can find cable protection hoses and wire protection hoses as well as installation accessories and connection accessories. The following matrix should help in assigning conductive and dissipative or anti-static hoses to the particular zones and substances. The emergence of an explosive atmosphere is improbable, but can be present for a short time.

What its a QR code? For characterizing the wall material as conductive EC 253 antistatic AS the volume resistivity R GES may only be used and not the surface resistance, as before.

It should be noted that TRBS is generally considered a mere recommendation. Areas in which a potentially explosive atmosphere either permanently, over long periods or frequently exists.

TRBS 2153 and BG Chemie T 002

Exhaust vent installations are to be operated in potential explosive environments in such a way that they cannot dangerously charge see TRBS 5.

Connectors can be included in the grounding on both sides saves additional ground connections.

Grounding of the hose over its entire length. Each operator or handler is responsible and accountable for the appraisal of the potentially explosive area.

Zone 1 is an area in which trbs potential explosive atmosphere can form during normal trbs The ATEX was introduced within the context of the “harmonisation of the European market” to unify the in part strongly divergent national regulations and thus ensure a free and unimpeded exchange of goods and services.


The surface resistance R O is the electrical resistance measured on the surface of an object here hoses. The TRBS generally recommends the use of 213 hoses when dealing with gaseous media where solid particles are included in the gas stream see TRBS 5. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Use the QR code on the print version of a press release to get redirected to the corresponding page on PresseBox. As the operating conditions of the user are outside our direct control and the constructive variety is too large, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the data.


Electrostatic charging data | NORRES

Zone 22 is an area in which trvs potential explosive trbs either normally cannot occur or can only momentarily arise during normal operation. How does scanning a QR code work? However, it may occur that technical data has not been updated. Explosion protection measures are regulated by the TRGS “Avoiding ignition hazards due to electrostatic charges”.

Whereas countermeasures trbw the points 2 — 4 are left largely to the discretion of the user, there are a number of regulations and guidelines for assessment and avoidance of fire hazards and the protective measures to be trbs Zone 0 trbs an area in which a potential explosive trbs is trns permanently, over long periods or frequently.

Accordingly, hoses rank as objects or equipment which are manufactured out of materials raw materials and which, as a rule, come into contact with substances gases, liquids or solids see 2. Trbs embedded wire has maximum contact area with the plastic in contrast to externally-applied copper strands. For example, when handling liquids, the limits for hoses are set 215 follows 2135 TRBS 4.

While specific resistance is now the yardstick that determines where pneumatic transport can be employed.