1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica makes his return to the basketball court ! There’s a reason teammates call him “True.” Because for basketball. 27 Feb True Legend By: MIke Lupica Major Characters: Drew “True” Robinson- Drew Robinson is a high school basketball superstar who plays for. 27 Sep Review. True Legend. by Mike Lupica. From the time he is old enough to hold a basketball and shoot hoops with older kids in his New York City.

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If you were a good player looking for a game, you went to Shoup Park over in Woodland Hills.

True Legend

Donald tells Drew his whole life story about his transition from high school phenom to homeless man. What I liked in this book: I will recommend this book to people who like basketball and mystery.

Fred said that he once coached a man named Urban Sellers. Catching the ball lupca his left on his way down before it even hit the ground.

I think that if you like basketball this is a great book to read. Until, he meets an old basketball player that faked his own death to go undercover and live his own life, his name is Urban Sellers, he is very wise and doesn’t like True Robinson, and tells True Legend is about a Highschool basketball player who is really good at the game, in fact, he is one of the best in trje country if not the world.

If you are a star athlete in California, everything is about you and you get everything you want most in life. The guy was six three or six four, easy. In the beginning of the book, Drew thought nothing mattered but himself.

I feel like I can connect mostly to True. The clear message here is that young athletes should not let legenr go to their heads, a case made so well by the story that Drew’s continued arrogance and poor decision-making is sometimes difficult to believe.



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Sep 04, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up Buy. Teamwork Sports — Juvenile fiction. I started worrying about Drew when I realized the type of person Seth Gilbert was the man who moved Drew to California.

Drew tried to confront him but as soon as he did the man ran away. Legen he was called Urban Legend. He was a good kid who lost his way when he started buying into his own hype. But when the guy realized tre he turned and ran. This of course could have only been done by one great author: Mike Lupica is a very good author which made me want to keep reading on.

Drew did not know who he was, and he let everyone take care of him, so he didn’t really take care of himself. Drew sees a guy at Morrison Park and is amazed at his skills. Excerpts One It started with him thinking leegnd seen a ghost. This book Personal Response: He called Drew out for what he really was: Explanation leged Major Conflicts: He wants to be an independent, regular high school student.

The Legend is an old school basketball player that goes and plays at the old court.

True Legend by Mike Lupica

Donald could have been a great NBA player, but he hurt his knee at a party when he legenr younger. Gilbert, paid for him and his mom to move and gave his mom a new job. When he answered he asked a lot of questions including what his full name is. Drew tried to talk to him but the old man ran away.


A basketball friend of his from New York, from nd and Crotona in the Bronx, Shamel Williams, a boy with no parents and no money, barely getting by on his grandma’s welfare check, had told Drew once that the best thing about basketball, the thing he loved about it the most, was that it tru even make him forget he was hungry sometimes.

This one here was lit only by the moon, up high in the sky tonight. Donald agrees to Drew’s offer and they become friends. Being influenced by his NBA idols, Drew would not always make the best decisions. Drew is a perfect example of a dreamchaser.

After he followed him to his room he knocked on the door. However, an injury and life gets in the way, and now of his goals come true. Lee is very sociable with everyone at school and he is a trud studious person. Already drawing national notice as a rising talent, point guard Drew True Robinson has been taken under the golden wing oegend a plutocrat patron and enticed to transfer to an exclusive private academy where the lionization even extends to having much of his schoolwork taken care of so that he can focus on his game.

When Drew finally does meet him, he realizes they have a lot in common. Many young athletes dream of a professional career, but all the attention and fame that come from being a legend can quickly derail many of those dreams. Drew earns his sobriquet several times over by the end.